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Let me not be concerned
about the gap between my thighs
but about the gap between
sexes, between races, between
rich and poor, the gap
between a mother’s hands
when she opens them up and says,
there’s nothing for dinner, day in day out.

Let me not be concerned
with the shape of my face, but with
the shape of countries where
women live as slaves, where
children weep on the streets and
husband and wife clutch each
other at night praying to explosions
that hammer out the stars.

Let me not be concerned
about the number on the scale
but about the number of children
who cannot read, cannot eat,
who hide in closets to escape the four
walls without a foundation they
live in, homeless inside houses of
straw and stone.

Let me not be concerned
with the slope of my stomach
but with the slope of the
stomachs of girls forced open
and stolen from, stomachs carrying
life beget from violence where
the cry is the woman’s fault,
but no one’s problem.

Let me not be concerned
about the size of my chest
but about the size of communities
gutted by prejudice, gutted
by hatred a black weed growing
healthy and strong alongside
the cornerstones, and in our
family kitchens.

Let me not be concerned
with the rings under my eyes
but with the rings on the left hands
of women beaten into
submission, of women cornered
in cages once promised as
safe places, of broken wills,
and they called it love.

Let me not be concerned
about the visibility of my bones
but about the visibility of
those without voices, of those
working from birth to death and
not allowed a cry, of those
smothered in our comfort,
hidden in plain sight.

Let me not be concerned
with the composition of my face
but with the composition of
laws engineered to imprison in
the guise of safety, of laws
restricting freedom for the sake
of freedom for the sake of freedom,
and we don’t know anything else.

—    Hannah Nicole, Let Me Not Be Concerned (via graceandvictory)

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